Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Pepper Pots US Tour Dates. Lucky us!!

The day I never thought would ever coming! The Pepper Pots are playing the US!!

What started out as a single date at The SXSW Festival has bloomed into a mini-tour of the SouthWest. Here are the tourdates:

Mar 20 2009: Blue Bubble Ballroom, San Antonio, Texas
Mar 21 2009: South by Southwest 2009 Festival, Austin, Texas
Mar 22 2009: Take II, ElPaso, Texas
Mar 23 2009: The Rhythm Room, Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 24 2009: Winston’s Beach Club, San Diego, California
Mar 25 2009: Bluebeat Lounge, Hollywood, California
Mar 26 2009: Spaceport 2058, Atascadero, California
Mar 27 2009: Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, California
Mar 28 2009: Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma, California

Lucky Girl? Lucky Us!!

For more info, visit The Pepper Pots on MySpace

You can read my review of "Shake It!", here.

The Pepper Pots are now on Megalith Records!


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