Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review: 3 Floors Of Ska: Hollywood!

First of all, I'm back. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Andrew Lyons and I run CA SKA and World Ska Radio. Over the summer, I got bit by the ghost hunting bug, and I neglected my duties as a blogger for MIOO. My bad.

But as I am about to assume more Marketing responsibilities for Bucket Hingley and Megalith Records, I feel that it's time to start writing again.

First up is my wrap-up of the "3 Floors Of Ska / Ska Is Dead" show that packed The Knitting Factory last weekend. What a great night! After overcoming a potential shutdown by The Health Department, 3FOS went on as scheduled to an over-capacity, SOLD OUT show!

Due to a last-minute cancellation of One Pin Short, The Delirians were first up in The Front Bar. This band from East LA plays traditional ska and reggae, and they did an awesome job! First up on The Main Stage was Half Past Two from Orange County. I'm normally not crazy about the whole OC sound, but I really like this band and their fantastic energy and positive attitude. I suspect we'll be hearing a lot from this band in the future.

Next in the Front Bar was Kingston A GoGo, a relatively new band that played great originals and old Jamaican covers. Second on The Main Stage was Rice Rokit. Rice Rokit consists of former Dubcat members and since Kendo, the lead singer, is from Hawaii, their sound is laid-back and funky. Look for their new cd on Megalith Records. (Was that a plug???)

Up next in The Front Bar was Raskahuele from East LA. Raskahuele sings only in Spanish, but that didn't seem to keep the crowd from dancing their ass off! Your ears may not understand the words, but your feet understand the beat!
Deal's Gone Bad kicked off the Ska Is Dead portion of the show on The Main Stage. They never play a bad set, and 3FOS was no exception. DGB killed it!

Back on The Front Bar, The Roundabouts took the stage. The Roundabouts are a great local band who I've know for years. With Michael Firestone on lead vocals and his two sisters on backing, The Roundabouts is a family affair with Jamaican flair. Meanwhile on The Main Stage, Buck 0 Nine showed the crowd how San Diego rocks a stage. Who could resist dancing to "My Town"?

Up next in The Front Bar were Hub City Stompers. Last year, some kids took offense to their song, "Train To Dorksville". So naturally, in true HCS-style, they played it again, and extra loud too! It's OK, kids. Hub City Stompers really do love you... NOT! Meanwhile, up next on The Main Stage was The Toasters. Jah-son has since left the band, but the Toasters sounded great, as usual.

Whoa Mama! After over 4 hours of continuous music on 2 stages, plus 5 DJ's in The AlterKnit Lounge, the final two acts of 3FOS 2009 took their stages. First up in The Front Bar was Boogaloo Assassins. Boogaloo Assassins was an inspired choice of mine because they don't play ska at all. But I've always felt that a little cross-pollination never hurts, and people really seemed to like them. Finally, on The Main Stage, Voodoo Glowskulls put on a blistering set. What a way to finish up the night!

So that was it. Like Christmas, there's months of preparation and then pfft!, it's over. Many thanks to Jason Lawless and all the DJ's for showing us the roots. Thanks to all the bands who showed us the branches. Thank you to all the fans who helped sell out the show! Thanks to Duke Duel for designing this year's logo, and thanks to The Knitting Factory. But special thanks to Bucket Hingley for organizing an incredible night of music and camaraderie. Like him or lump him, you gotta hand it to Bucket who has worked tirelessly for over 27 years to keep ska alive in America. (Was that ass-kissing???)

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