Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Review: The Pepper Pots "Shake It!"

Imagine if The Supremes formed a ska band. That, in a nutshell, describes The Pepper Pots.

Formed in 2002 in Catalonia, Spain, The Pepper Pots, fronted by a trio of female vocalists, Adriana Prunell, Mercè Munné, and Marina Torres, painstakingly recreate 1960's ska, soul, Motown and reggae. Their second album, "Shake It!" continues the foundations set down by their debut album, "Swingin' Sixties", and takes their craft to a whole new level by including such guest appearances by The Pioneers, France's APSO, and Herr Doktor himself, Dr. Ring Ding.

Stand out tracks include the cover of "By My Baby", "Starvation" featuring The Pioneers, and the skinhead reggae-inspired "You Love Her". Dr. Ring Ding appears on two tracks, "One Unity" and "Stay On Your Way". Personally, I prefer the latter, but "One Unity" is a fine track.
My favorite track is the single, "Lucky Girl". If this track doesn't start your hips swaying and your head bobbing, you just might be dead!

In keeping with the 60's theme, "Shake It!" was recorded in analogue with instruments of the era. But don't think that this hinders the sound quality. Many of the songs were recorded with a 20-piece backing band. I spoke briefly with one band member about the new album who said:

"I hope all the people like the new cd, and remember the 3 collaborations of the cd (the jamaican superstars THE PIONEERS, the number one german singer DR RING DING and the best instrumental band of France ASPO)....and i hope you can return to the sixties" - Joan

"Shake It!" is one of those great albums you put on when you've had a crummy day at work or at school. The superb vocal harmonies and instrumentation will instantly brighten your day.
"Shake It!" is available through their website:

Also a special version with 2 Bonus Tracks is available through the Japanese label, Ska In The World:

And In the US, it will be available through Jump Up Records!

For more info and song samples, check out The Pepper Pots on My!


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