Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recommended Band Of The Month-The Delegators

Every month starting today we will recommend a new band we have come across that just knocks our socks off. We're always finding new music and why not share it with you?

So this month's recommendation is a band from England called The Delegators. They are a 5 piece band that plays a sweet mixture of Reggae, Rocksteady, and Soul. Their lead singer Janet Kumah has a beautiful tone. You can hear the strong influences from Motown in their music and the vibe is infectious.

On their myspace page they describe their sound as "if The Supremes moved to Kingston via South London". What a combination! If you're a fan of The Impalers, The Agrrolites, or Red Soul Community you will love this great group from the U.K.

Look out for a new EP coming out soon.

Check them out at

Delegators in Leipzig (2009-01-24)

Thanks to Urs The Ska Nurse at for the recommendation and sweet video.


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