Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Review: Robb Blake - No Time To Waste

Do The Dog Music 2007

A few months ago, Kevin Flowerdew of Do The Dog Music sent us some cds from their catalogue. This resulted in this podcast

One of the cd's that really stood out was "No Time To Waste" by Robb Blake. Immediately, comparisons to Chris Murray and Vic Ruggerio sprang to my mind in terms of the acoustic guitar and use of harmonica. But Robb's voice tends to be a bit coarser than Chris' and drifts more towards Joe Cocker's. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Most fans in the UK know Robb Blake from the ska/punk outfit, Whitmore. His solo work is more mainstream, but by no means watered down.
It should, however, appeal to a wider audience.

The cd starts off with the cracking track, "What I Need" But it's the second track, "I'll Be There" that really grabs the listener by the ear. By no surprise, it quickly found a spot on my half of the Do The Dog podcast.

Some of the songs on this cd have a Sublime twinge to them. The third track, "Welcome To The Brightside" has some of that to it. The excellent "Mummy Said" has more Sublime-ish resonance, and it comes in at just the right time at track 8.

I did find that this album is its weakest in the middle. I wasn't crazy about track 4, "Breakin My Balls" nor track 7, "From Spain To Endorse It". Fortunately, "No Time To Waste" finishes strong with the aforementioned "Mummy Said" straight to "There She Blows" and "Foot In Mouth" The track "One Day Older" provides the album's denouement.

Virtually unknown in the US, I strongly recommend checking out "No Time To Waste" by Robb Blake, especially if you are a fan of Chris Murray, Vic Ruggerio and/or Sublime. If you're looking for a cd that's perfect for cruising around in your car, look up Robb Blake. He'll be there.

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