Sunday, December 30, 2007

Predator Dub Assassins - The Hardest

Stubborn Records 2007

It's been two years since P-Dub's first album. Again Predator hired King Django to master their new album The Hardest, and that high grade Version City quality sound polishes the whole thing.

It's got a little bit for everyone who's a fan of Jamaican music. And it's not like one of those albums where it sounds like the band couldn't make up their mind on what direction to go in. These guys go from 70's style Roots Reggae, to Jamaican style Ska like a light switch. Want early Reggae, Rub-A-Dub? Not a problem, this group is the real deal. And would you expect any less coming from such seasoned musicians?
That's right, if your not familiar, Predator Dub Assassins boast members of such bands as The Toasters, Hub City Stompers, Bombtown, Inspecter 7, Mephiskapheles, and Steadfast United.

Downtown Killa opens it up with a tight, hard hitting riddim that'll knock your teeth in, and tell your mama about it. Predator comes out swinging, boasting "wickedest kinda DJ" of the Dub Assassin Crew.
Then here comes the case and point where they glide right into a rich upbeat Ska tune called The Emperor Strikes Back. This one reminds me of something Victor Rice might be behind. Throbbing bass, sticky rhythm, some wicked horns solos, and them fiery fingers on guitar, forget about it. I was hooked, the rest of this album is all gravy.
Another smooth transition into the next track called That Thing You Do. Is that the Real Rock Riddim I hear a hint of? I think so. Cooked up countrified with some funky Reggae like you might expect to here from Toots and The Maytals.

Now time to hit ya with a tune that may remind you of King Django's song Shtiklakh from his Roots and Culture album.Y Mas Gan is a Predator tune over their version of this King Django riddim. Different melody, same hotness.
More versatility weighs in with Air Force One. Upbeat organ driven early Reggae reminiscent of Long Shot Kick de Bucket.

I've heard Predator's voice described as similar to one of the Marley family. Songs like Prophets and Revolutionaries, Sons Of Negus, and that cool tune Sufferation with it's sweet Nyabinghi drumming echo that description to a tee.

For me this is the pleasant surprise of the year. Forget that "I'm feeling lucky mood" theme you just customized in your media player. Predator Dub Assassins will keep your mood correct for days. With such a heavy arsenal of killers tunes, The Hardest will assassinate anything you got on your playlist right now.


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We featured them this month on the Pressure Drop Soundcast.

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