Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pama International's new single Highrise

Rockers Revolt 2007

If this is a preview of what Pama International's upcoming album Love Filled Dub Band will sound like, Feb 08 please come sooner!

Released on their very own Rockers Revolt label. This new single features the unique vocal style of London's Michie One. Her sweet, sultry voice(think Tanya Stephens meets Alicia Keys) flows seamlessly over a seriously dubbed out Cherry Oh Baby riddim.

This is one heavyweight tune. Not only musically, but the subject matter is even more intriguing. The song opens with Michie singing "I don't wanna cry no more, I don't wanna feel this pain", setting the mood for a universal theme we can all relate to.

In relation to the terrible things going on in the world today, she rings out "newsflash...mi hear another life get dash, hear another body laid out like trash, what the heck is going on, tell me how it's come to be, why is all this killing in our community?" The chorus speaks of how everyday these things are repeated. We know what the news is flooded with day to day, around the world it's all the same.

The song continues with "Newsflash, mi hear another body get found, mama lay her son six feet underground" and asks the question "coldblooded, what made you bad so, what made mad so, what made you freeze like ice?" Like shes speaking to that person who's been molded by the harsh experiences in today's world. "You were once a cool likkle youth, so why you wanna go tek up a gun and shoot?" she continues. Then the vocals echoe out with "Cold Blooded", and you get about 2 mins of solid dub instrumental Cherry Oh Baby like some old King Tubby tune.

Listen, take a deep breathe, and rewind.

Notes: Guest star on 'Highrise', Michie One launched her career as a duo act with reggae singer Louchie Lou, gaining a fiersome reputation for their fresh melodies and distinctive reggae/ragga style. Michie One's outstanding writing and chatting skills have led her to work with; Shaggy, Beenie Man, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Sly & Robbie, Rebel MC, Sizzla and Gwen Stefani (for whom she co-wrote last years worldwide smash hit 'Rich Girl').

For a list of radio, and podcasts playing this tune see the Pama Intl Forum

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