Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Review: Skylar - Self Titled

Do The Dog Music 2006

If your a fan of music from the likes of Chris Murray, Satori, or Bedouin Soundclash you will feel this album straight away.

The liner notes have a hand written message from the band describing their band as being "made up of four friends with a shared love of all types of reggae and ska music. We have no aspirations of world wide fame and fortune playing music with each other. Both music and Skylar are all about having fun." That sentiment shines through in each and every song.

Matt's soulful vocals are chock-fulla feeling, and you very well might be that person, or been in that place he's singing about. Listen to "Eyes Don's Lie", "Wings", and "Don't Tread So Fast". These are some of my personal favorites, and they get stuck in your head for days.

"No Regrets" is one of those songs that I find myself skipping through and going back to it saying "How did I miss this one?!" The way they tie in that gritty skank, gentle keys, vibrating bass line, and smooth backing vocals is great. Definitely can soothe those rainy day blues.

They really have a way of picking up the pace and bringing it down throughout the album. "All You Say" follows with that same mellow feeling, with an upbeat skank like The Specials calmed down a bit.

Vocals with a fiery passion laid over a raw organic rhythm set a steady pace that will keep your head moving, and feet tapping. When the last song ends, you'll find your self wanting more, and you get just that with 2 bonus acoustic tracks! These bonus songs are like the quiet after the storm, leaving you with big fat smile on your face.

Note: Skylar recorded the album live in 11 hours after just 6 months of being a band & having played only 7 gigs! The band hit the road in May & August 2006 around the UK to promote the release of the CD. -


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