Friday, February 13, 2009

Review: "Censura" by Don Segundo

"A couple of years ago when I needed a song for an anti-war podcast, I stumbled upon a song called "Mentirosa" by a band from Puerto Rico called, Don Segundo. I really liked this band's sound, and when I found out that "Mentrosa" means "Liar's Poker", I was hooked!

Now Don Segundo has released a full-length album on Jump Up Records called "Censura", and not only is it a favorite of mine, but I know that Gabe is a huge fan too. This album is mostly in Spanish with a few songs in English as well as a couple instrumentals. What I really like about this cd is that, although mostly in Spanish, it's a root-oriented ska album, and not ska-core, which permeates so many Latin/Ska bands today.

Stand out tracks include "Start Stompin", which I used in an episode of World Ska Radio, and "I Will Not Beg". If these two tracks don't get your feet tapping, you just might be dead. My favorite Spanish track is "Censura", and I like the instrumental track, "La Dony" as well. And while I do find myself skipping one or two tracks, overall this cd, with its powerful vocalist Lourdes Lopez, is ¡Excelente y bien recomendado!"

For more information, visit Don Segundo on MySpace:

"Censura" is available on Jump Up and Megalith Records

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