Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pressure Drop Featured Artists Of The Month Feb 09

Yes we are back with another group of outstanding Ska & Reggae music artists!
For this episode we all got together at the Pressure Drop Soundcast studio to play some tunes and talk about music.
Madness ensues and smack gets talked.

Each of us chose a band to feature, here are our picks.

Tokyo SkA Paradise Orchestra
Tokyo, Japan

1 Paradise Blue
2 STrange Bird
3 Theme From Enter the Dragon
4 CAll from Rio
5 Just a Little Bit of Your Soul

Ed Rome
United Kingdom

1 Non Relationship Rant
2 Mind

3 Some Truth
4 A Human Qaulity
5 March

Eastern Standard Time
Washington DC, U.S.

1 Eye Of The Storm
2 It's Alright
3 When Will Your Love Be Mine
4 Oh No
5 Can't Keep A Good Man Down (Feat. Dr. Ring Ding.

+Bonus mystery outro track!

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