Friday, February 20, 2009

Greg Narvas Gets Talkative & Unpublished Interview from 2003 sees the light of day

Well first there were the duel posts (HERE & HERE) detailing bits and pieces of history about NYC's early 80's punky reggae masters The Terrorists, who had the pleasure of playing with reggae legends Lee Perry and Roland Alphonso, that hit the blog-o-sphere at the same time and now there are these two competing Greg Narvas pieces! What are the odds of that happening?

Recently Kyle Hickenbottem of Ska- Au-Go-Go fame was coaxed out of semi-retirement and agreed to start posting some material from his writing days. Some of it will be old and already seen before but others such as this interview he did with Greg Narvas and Lino Trujillo of Hepcat after they had gotten back together will be all new. Bonus for us! I've said it once and I'll say it again I'm a fan of Kyle's thoughtful and insightful reviews and writing. That and we both have a hunger for good comics and a proper Los Angeles Ska History story.

The other bit of news that hit at the same time is this interview with Greg concerning his early pre-Hepcat days as drummer for the oi! band Lion’s Pride and his continuing discussion of that period in his ongoing comic "I Was A Teenage Filipino Skinhead", which is well worth picking up. This interview also includes Martin Ruane, guitar player for Lion’s Pride, as well as singer for Headstrong.

Time to get reading folks! ENJOY!


  1. that's good shit...a welcomed change from what seems like advertising for labels...

  2. Yeah it is
    It's good to have more contributors.
    Helping small labels with advertising is a great way to help the underground music community. No one else gives a crap.

    That said, we are working on a new site so the lack of content with substance has been a problem.
    Thanks Jason for these great posts.
    Thanks for your honesty Dj Sea.


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