Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Album in Feb!

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will be releasing a new album!

Skapara's Paradise Blue will be released (in Japan) on February 4!  Featuring 12 tracks, this will be TSPO's first album without former front man Tatsuyuki Hiyamuta...

Liverpool FC fans (and other football fans) should recognize track 10...a cover of "You'll Never Walk Alone."

Tracklisting taken from their website:

1.Routine Melodies ルーティーン・メロディーズ
(music & Lyrics:Atsushi Yanaka)

2.Paradise Blue パラダイス・ブルー
(music:Tsuyoshi kawakami & Masahiko Kitahara)

3.疾風の剣 -Lightning Sword-
(music:Yuichi Oki)

4.Heaven's Door ヘヴンズ・ドア
(music:Tsuyoshi Kawakami)

5.WITCHING HOUR -真夜中の奇跡-
(music:Tsuyoshi Kawakami)

6.そばにいて黙るとき -Silent By Your Side-
(music:Yuichi Oki/ Lyrics:Atsushi Yanaka)

7.Like Jazz On Fire -灼熱のジャズの如く-
(music:Masahiko Kitahara)

8.さよならワルツ -Farewell Waltz-
(music:Takashi Kato)

9.Already Steady -すでにステディ-

10.You'll Never Walk Alone ユール・ネバー・ウォーク・アローン
(music:Richard Rodgers/Lyrics:Oscar Hammerstein)

11.カルナバル -CARNAVAL-
(music:Masahiko Kitahara)

12.Sugar Fountain -楽園の泉にて-

To learn more about the album, as well as hear a short sample, check out the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra website!  

You can also read my review of their last album, Perfect Future right here.  

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