Friday, September 26, 2008

Combination13: Making Music Look Good

Have you ever bought a CD or tried out a new band simply based on cover art or a band logo?
Have you found yourself staring in amazement at an album's liner art while listening to your favorite band's new release?
If so then you have experienced the power and inspiration this artwork can have. Within the realm of ska and reggae many talented musicians often take these duties into their own hands. But what about those that might not be able to doodle so well or have enough time?

For them there are talented people out there catering to such needs. People such as Steve Kitchen who runs Combination13 Graphic Design And Illustration. For the last seven years Combination13 has been making music that sounds good look good too!

You might recognize Steve's work on some well known labels such as Stubborn Records, or Do The Dog Music. He's made a real name for himself with his edgy style and easy to recognize designs. Originally from the U.K., he currently lives in New Zealand and serves clients across the globe. He provides high quality logos, apparel, posters, web design and more. He also does work for multiple industries, but ultimately his heart belongs to ska and reggae.
Steve does all of the artwork for our very own Pressure Drop Soundcast and I can tell you from experience he's quick, professional and super easy to work with. Plus his rates are very reasonable.

Get this guy to design for you, he will blow you away!
Check out to see more of Steve's work and read some of the testimonials from people you might recognize.

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