Saturday, April 5, 2008

Clashed by Anger Management League

2007 Scorcha Records

This is the second release from the AML
with members of Germany's Bluekilla and The Steamy Dumplings, this vinyl LP is full of energy that will blast outta of your speakers like a bomb went off!

If you thought you heard all covers that could have ever been done by The Clash, think again. Unlike the tons of s0-so covers that have been done before, Anger Management League breathes new life into these classics with some rough and tough reggae versions. What I like about this album is that they chose tunes that you would never imagine being done this way, all from The Clash's 1977 debut.

Right from the start they break out with London's Burning just like the original beginning but immediately pick it up with a fast paced punky skank. Janie Jones comes in with skinhead reggae vibe complete with a killer organ solo by Dominik Beyer. Each song seems to have a real smooth transition. White Riot rolls in quietly like your still listening to Janie Jones but theres no mistaking the difference with that funky guitar work and Prince Flo of the Steamy Dumplings chanting that everlasting chorus. If anyone could pull off a project like this, these guys are the ones to do it. Dr. Deadlock's vocals have just the right amount of grit and Prince Flo adds that soul to just flow over these tight rhythms.

Career Opportunities
picks up the pace again with a subtle change in sound well still staying on point with the original. It's slowed down and mellowed a bit like the Sandinista version minus the childish singing. That throbbing bass line grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. This is one of the catchiest songs on the LP! Garageland is pleasantly surprising. This is one that is hard to believe could be translated into an early reggae feel, but they pull it off nicely. With Tschinge Krenn on that double bass and that bubbling organ forget about it! They totally transform this tune into a smooth rocking beat that you would never pick out as a Clash tune if you heard it at random.

Side A attributes writing credits to Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, well side B showcases writing of Amedeo Tortora aka Dr. Deadlock(vocals/guitar), Florian Klmpke(guitar/vocals), and Tschinge Krenn(double bass). Oh and did I forget to mention that cover of Police and Theives? That's right Junior Murvin and Lee Perry get writing credits too. Side B rolls through some of the same rhythms with original AML lyrics that showcase their unique styling. They even manage to toss in a fat dub version of London's Burning featuring David Reichelt's scorching sax.

This might as well be The Upsetters covering The Clash! What a mind bending thought that is eh? Definitely one of the best cover projects in a long time. The long lasting influences of The Clash come full circle in this great offbeat tribute. Once you hear it, you'll see why they say "No One Beats The AML".



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