Monday, April 30, 2007

An Introduction from Daoster

Hopefully, this blog can be the start of something big! But even if it doesn't blow up, it's alright, it's always nice to have a blog where I can just post random shit about music.

Growing up, music was never a huge part of my life...I didn't have a group of friends who were into different kinds of music...the kinds of music I (and my friends) were into was mainly what the older kids were listening to...and that was the rap that was being played on the radio. My parents were never into western music, so I didn't really grow up with western music in the house...Around 7th grade, I started expanding my musical tastes, but all for the wrong reasons. I wanted to be different...since people around me were all listening to hip hop and the likes, I wanted to stand out...I turned to rock and pop-punk, or whatever was popular on the rock stations at the time...Blink 182 and Green Day had recently got big, and I thought I was special cause I was listening to a top 40 band that was played on the rock station instead of a top 40 on the rap station.

That's basically how I first got into ska in the first place...I had grown tired of punk, or at least what MTV was portraying punk as, and I thought too many people were into it, and when I first heard, "Take on Me" by Reel Big Fish, I saw it as something that was cool, but at the same time, not mainstream. Close enough to punk, but not quite punk! I developed a, "holier than thou" attitude and went through that stage where you look like a retard, but you thought you were cooler than everybody else (LOOK AT ME GUYS! I'M WEARING CHECKERS!).

Then one day I went to a local show...there were 4 bands, but the only two I remember now are
Hebro and Monkey. The other two bands bored me to tears, but when Hebro hit the stage, there was something about them that made me want to actually stand up and dance...something about them mesmerized me. I had heard traditional ska before, but this was the first time that I saw something even remotely resembling traditional ska being played live, and I loved it...

So here I am...addicted to dis riddim...I'm no longer listening to the music for some lame ego boosting reason...a friend once asked me why I liked ska and reggae, and you know, I couldn't give her a good's just something that seems so natural to me, I find it hard to believe somebody can NOT like it...

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