Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get "Gangsters" On The Charts For The Specials 30th Anniversary

The fans of The Specials have suggested that we get 'Gangsters' back in the charts for its 30th anniversary this year.

To get it into the charts, we all have to buy and download the track in the space of a single week - this week. If you'd like to see Gangsters in the charts please download the single and buy it now.

To download the track visit -

Or download from itunes

To get more people to buy it, forward this message to everyone and get them to join the Specials facebook group as well.


  1. It's amazing how well this track stands up all these years later...simply brilliant! Not dated one bit.

    And, god, look at them--they were all so young at the time!

    Steve X


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