Monday, February 16, 2009

Combination 13-Innovative & Edgy Art

Every band out there needs to sound good. But in these days of Myspace, MP3s and the downfall of the traditional record industry as we know it, bands need to look good too. That's why guys like Combination13 are so important! It's rare that you can find a industry standard artist who's in it for the love of music and to help great bands get noticed.

It seems many bands need to be working bands to stay afloat these days & good merchandise is a key piece to that puzzle.

I've personally worked with Combination13 many times and not only are the prices great for the product produced but they're quick and most importantly creative to the highest degree. As big Ska music fans, those guys offer out their service to such bands at discounted rates. Take a look the picture above! They've created artwork for big guns such as The Offspring, Bowling For Soup & Reel Big Fish, but I know from experience that they treat all jobs with the same level of care & attention despite the bands profile or size.

Should you be looking to get a a great poster for a show, a new logo for your band, some tasty album artwork or some band t-shirt designs you could do alot worse than to get in touch with

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