Friday, January 9, 2009

The Skints- The Skints

2008 Do The Dog Music

If you're a traditional ska fan like myself, when you hear someone describe themselves as ska punk you may force a smile and say "that's nice." However our prejudices can often be wrong and such is the case with The Skints. They are a four piece band from London signed to Do The Dog Music.

Their 6 song self titled EP does a good job of seamlessly blending some dready reggae with punky ska. The opening song "Murderer" begins with a catchy melodica line and both male and female vocals. The second track "N55" is a good track when frustrated with the world and wanting to go for a good run. It is an uptempo track and you can definitely hear the Operation Ivy and Augustus Pablo influences meld together.

"Sociopath" is a bass heavy dread reggae track that takes on the issue of hate, probably the best track on the album. "Jungle Plane Wreck" is a funky ska/punk track that again would be good to run to or clean. It also features a nice break down calling a stop to violence. The last two tracks are a mix of ska/punk and reggae. "Misunderstood" definitely reminds me of a high school song and I could see it in a 90's teen movie. "Little Flag" makes me laugh mocking myspace users who are haters. It has a nice sax line played under lead male vocals with female background.

As somebody who doesn't typically dig ska/punk, I have to say The Skints do a nice job of blending two tone with Jamaican influences. If you're a purist you won't dig it, if you want something that reminds you of your early fascination with ska while mixing in some reggae undertones, then dig it!