Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mr. Symarip - Shine, Shine, Shine

2008 Liquidator Music

Roy Ellis aka Mr. Symarip is back from the moon!
One of the coolest songs that came out last year I found on this single put out by Liquidator Music.
"Shine, Shine, Shine" heats up the classic "When The Saint's Come Marching In" horn arrangement and melts it down to some tasty reggae deliciousness. Roy Ellis sings: "Oh when those skins come marching in" making for one nice catchy tune followed by an even nicer version called "Shine Trombone".

But this is not the coolest song I'm talking about. The tune I love is "Come On And Dance With Me". Not to be confused with Hepcat's "Dance Wid Me", the music sounds like it could be a Hepcat tune with a smooth rocksteady feel that will have you movin' in no time. Roy Ellis is in top form!

Buy it at: www.liquidatormusic.com

More info on Mr. Symarip: www.symarip.com

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