Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lord Tanamo Suffers Stroke

Former Skatalites singer Lord Tanamo suffered a stroke that has left him unable to speak. The 74 old legend is now living in the Lincoln Place of Nursing Home, Toronto, Canada.

The Jamaica Observer recently published the following news:

"In an e-mail sent to his booking agent Brian Keyo of Tallawah Entertainment, Lord Tanamo's doctor Michael J Taylor expressed concern that the friends and family of the veteran entertainer, born Joseph Gordon, are not aware of his condition or whereabouts.

"Sadly, Mr Gordon has had a stroke that has left him unable to speak. Over the last several weeks, he has had no visitors and we have had limited success in contacting any family members," stated Dr Taylor who is also calling on the wider music fraternity.

"I'm hoping that you can assist me in locating anyone who would be interested in visiting Mr Gordon and providing him with support in this difficult time," he pleaded.

Locally, organizations with mandates to offer such support are the Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Affiliates (JAVAA), the Jamaica Federation of Musicians (JFM) as well as the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports."

Can you help with any information about his his family's whereabouts?

You can contact the singer born Joseph Gordon at the following address with any information or get well wishes.

Joseph Gordan
c/o Lincoln Place Nursing Home
429 Walmer Road
Toronto Ontario
M5P 2X9

To read the entire article from The Jamaican Observer visit here.

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