Tuesday, January 20, 2009

King Django-Avenue A EP

2009 Stubborn Records
Review by Gabe

The wait for a new King Django release has been long but the lyrics architect is still strong!

Four hot new tunes that will have you bouncing off the walls like you were transported back to the Stubborn All Stars days. This ain't no rehashing of the same old sound though. These tunes are hot oven fresh with only the finest ingredients .

Do you remember the song "Really" from King Django Meets The Scrucialists? That song goes from some chilled out reggae tune to uptempo ska with Django's soothing tone reminiscing "When It Was Really Going Down" back in the day on "Avenue A". Maybe you you missed that album or you just plain didn't feel some of those songs? Well here's your chance as another song from that album gets a musical makeover. "I Don't Wanna Work That Hard" gets stirpped down and re-inveted on side B it's called "Tryin To Be Something". This time it's done in true form, with the right sound and of course a touch of Django's unmistakable toasting style

One of the sweetest tracks is "As Tears Go By". Yes The Rolling Stones hit song sounds fantastic put to the rhythm of ska. With that healing ukulele over the percussion and keys you can almost hear the tear drops hit the ground. I'd buy this thing just for this song alone!

The Avenue A EP is like a blend of the Stubborn All Star's Nex Season and King Django's Roots Tonic album. That same crisp authenticity is abundant in all its glory and refined on 10" vinyl no less!

This is King Django at the top of his game.

Side A:
1. Avenue A
2. As Tears Go By

Side B:
1. Hey Bartender
2. Trying to Be Something

The new EP is at press now and should arrive at Stubborn Records HQ January 23rd.
Buy it now for 5 bucks pre-sale at www.stubbornrecords.com and save some dough!

King Django - Fluke Ukulele, Hohner Harmonica, Percussion
Ira Heaps - Bass Guitar
Justin Rothberg - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gregg Mervine - Drums

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