Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Tribute To Dave Fuentes and Hepcat Pt.1

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Pressure Drop has a very special episode this week.

We are paying tribute to Dave 'Bassie' Fuentes.

Some friends and family of Dave have taken the time to share some of their stories and memories about Dave. In part one of this series you'll hear from Jesse Wagner(Aggrolites), Greg Lee(Hepcat), Dave's wife Yohanna Fuentes, and Lino Trujillo(Hepcat), and a few fans who had some thoughts to share as well.

We asked them what kind of person he was, what was he like as a family man, and as a musician. In talking to them it became very clear that the story of Dave Fuentes is just as much the story of the band Hepcat.

This is their story

This is a tribute to Dave Fuentes and Hepcat.

To see the full track list visit Pressure Drop Soundcast

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