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Bombtown - ?!INTERROBANG!? Review

2008 Stubborn Records - Review by Gabe Pressure

The Bombtown Crew is back and better than ever on this 14 track brain melter! Since the release of the band's debut release on Megalith they have really polished out their sound. If you liked Logical Reality you are going to love Interrobang, no question. This time around Bombtown entered the legendary Version City Studio under the guidance of King Django to record. Each tune is drenched in the that Version City sound like Django dipped them in his musical batter and served em' up with some throat scorching hot sauce.

Right from the start it's an onslaught of the musical mayhem that is Bombtown. If you have sensitive ears, too bad for you because the first tune, Undertaker, will blow out your precious ear drums with a vengeance. Giving you a full sample of the Bombtown sound with a furious punk, hardcore, and ska introduction. The thing I love about these guys is you never know what your gonna get next, and what you think is coming can change in an instant. They blend ska, dub, reggae, dancehall, punk, and hardcore in a way I never thought possible, it's mind blowing. The songs Acid Rain Dance and Fire Come Down prove it, and you can hear the attention to detail from the drum and bass to the sweet sax and blistering guitar making those rhythm and style changes so seamless. It's not just noise.

Tommi Infamous has also stepped up his game lyrically. Babylon Girl is a personal response to a relationship gone sour and the aftermath that ensued. Right here is where you start to hear that defined dancehall style and percussion they have developed. And if you wanna hear what I think is the peak of that musical development check the riddim on The Devil and the Lord of Hosts featuring Rocker T with his soothing vocals. This thing could be on a Version City Rockers album and I would have been fooled.

They touch on subjects like racism and police corruption on Nother Cop Done. Another guest vocalist Crusador Lion takes the helm chatting and singing over a wicked riddim. Midway through the tune listen for a narrative between two characters - a cop and an innocent man being harassed because of the color of his skin. Well done.

Bring in another deadly dancehall riddim with the lyrical assassin Dr. Ring Ding making an appearance on Lyrics By The Ton in a combination style with Tommi Infamous and you gotta be hooked by now! But if that ain't enough they rework Skinnerbox's tune with Next Finger and Tommi is in top form with King Django on trombone and backing.

These tunes are just some of the highlights for me. I must have listened to the album a couple of 20 times and still can't get enough. Definitely a standout album this year amongst so many traditionalist out there. It's great to have a band bending and blending genres the way these guys do. They use all the right elements with none of that irritating poppy stuff. Interrobang is true to the underground roots Bombtown draws from and you should definitely add this album to your library.

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