Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drewvis - For the Win

2008 Do The Dog Music

Drewvis breathes new life into the acoustic ska style with heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals over warm rootsy vibes drawing from a diverse range of influences. His new album For the Win is filled with passion that's apparent from the opening track. The raw energy of that acoustic guitar demands attention right away.

Each song seems to have a certain mood or feeling to it. The guitar and bass both bring the tunes to life, setting the tone for what's being sung about. This is clearly demonstrated in the song Resolution with its kinda haunting delay effect as Drew sings the chorus about not knowing how things went so wrong when everything was ok.

The stand out for me is the closing track Head Up, Keep Smiling. This is one refreshing tune with a positive message that can be sung to anyone. Things might seem to hold a person down in life but the chorus assures: "Keep your head up my darling oh can't you see? You've got the world lying down at your feet/Keep your smile on my darling, I'll tell you why, it's the reason theres a sun in the sky".

All music was written, recorded, mixed, and engineered by Drew. Even the cover art and design was done by him. He plays bass on all songs but two of the seven tracks, if only there were more!

More info at www.myspace.com/drewvis

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