Friday, July 18, 2008

Tatsuyuki Hiyamuta leaves Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Posted on the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra website.

Tatsuyuki Hiyamuta (pictured center on the picture in the left), alto sax, guitarist, and "agitate" man for Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, has announced his decision to leave the band.

Citing his nagging foot injury, which he received from a motorcycle accident in 1996 in Thailand, Hiyamuta has decided to leave the band in order to receive further treatment on his foot. He's had several large operations, but the constant touring and travelling has hindered his recovery.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra have posted that they will continue on with just 9 people, rather than trying to replace Hiyamuta...which I personally think is a wise decision, because it would be almost impossible to replace Hiyamuta, who is one of the original members of Skapara since the 1980s.

Below is his statement (in Japanese):



今までもステージを休止するという形で数回まとまった治療をしてきましたが、思ったような効果が得られず、精神は前に進む一方なのに、体が追いつかないこ とで、ファンの皆さんの前で100%のライブができないことが自分自身のストレスにもなり、バンドとしての重荷にもなっていたと思います。




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