Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Look at Zines #1: Big Shot Magazine

Big Shot is a German language magazine dedicated to Reggae, Soul, Skinhead, and Mod music and culture. When I received this in the mail I was very excited to open it up and dive in. That slick colorful front cover had my eyes hooked, who cares if I can't read German! Flipping through it, it'sobvious that the writers have class. Well formatted, well written, and well it's mostly in German I found one English article featuring an interview with Laurel Parker from The Adjusters. Great insights on the band and what shes up to recently. Not the same old boring questions like every other magazine, but stuff you actually might not have known about.

The Latest issue I received is #4 which features interviews with Rhoda Dakar, Rico Rodriguez, and Max Romeo. Too bad theres no Google Translator for a fine piece of reading material like this!!!

Top notch photography fill nearly each page. Whether it be Reviews, News, or Interviews these guys got it covered, and they do it right.

Did I mention how cool their ads are? Some them are so colorful, I just stared at em' for awhile. If I was gonna advertise in any zine, Big Shot would be right on the top of my list.

They also feature bits of Oi, Punk, Hardcore, football, and politics. Plus a pretty cool little comic strip. Making for a nice well rounded magazine that anyone can enjoy.

To get your copy or find out more visit:

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