Sunday, November 25, 2007

Review: The Pinstripes - "The Decay"

2007 Stubborn Records
Drawing on a vast mixture of influences, a strong foundation, and tons of ambition, The Pinstripes have been making name for themselves. They recently won the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best World Music Act, and have shared the stage with many of today's top Ska acts.

This year they released their new album "The Decay". If non-stop energetic rhythms, and blistering horns are your thing, your gonna love this album.

The album opens with such a powerful punch of energy in the song "Find It", you'll be thirsty for more. They relax the tempo a bit with a little number called "50 Cardinal". The way the drum and bass swing are reminiscent of an old SkinnerBox tune. That's what I love about the album, it's diversity. I've always had a soft spot that way. It's really easy to find yourself moving to the sounds of ska, reggae, dub, funk, punk, and more. The Pinstripes capture these styles, and fuse them into finely crafted album for any music lover.

"Evening Dub" sets off with the great words "Sit back and listen keenly, well I play for you another musical biscuit" echoing into a heavy, heavy bass line. Melting horns dubbed over a tight neck breaking beat and hard crashing cymbals. This one easily shows how they are able to move in and out of styles seamlessly.

Another stand out tune is "Africa". A straight up dose of Ska with powerful horn lines, and gut wrenching sax solos, dueling over an infectious upbeat skank that will get you off your feet in no time.

After burning you up throughout the entire album, they cool you down with a stripped down acoustic tune called "Wanna Go Home". Real easy on the ears, and catchy like Chris Murray.

One listen through this album will have you shaking off the jitters like a roller coaster ride, and eager to get on again. And believe me you'll have to hear it again.

If you love music, you'll like this album.


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  1. Yes this is a very good album, most impressive for coming out of the blue, very refreshing in the day and age of over saturated crappy ska bands. So much so that we (Megalith Records) are the digital distributors of The Pinstripes. The band released their record independently and we are helping them get it out there on the worldwide scale. So far you can download the album at all of these places :
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