Monday, August 27, 2007

About the Staff

Musical Occupation is a group of five like-minded individuals all sharing a common interest in revivalist Jamaican music. The contributors are spread out across the United States and span the coasts. This blog documents the musical journey/journalism of these men with a passion for music. The idea began when Gabe (who originally ran a ska myspace group by the name of General SkaCA) wanted to create a website where he could express his feelings and get help for his drinking problem. Gabe included Brian Daoster and Bobby Babylon who he had met in the Special Olympics years ago in the wheel chair race. Gabe knew these two fine upstanding citizens as fellow podcasters. After a few months the blog started getting a lot of interest from bands, labels, and readers. After some time had passed we invited the OG of ska message boards/king of yahoo groups Fort Skumpter aka Andrew into the fold. And by doing so he brought a lot of scandals into the group involving senators and airport bathrooms. After much more acclaim and a few daytime Emmy's, Mike from Chicago was invited to join the group. Mike brings with him a knowledge, interest, and an understanding of Chicago pizza that we all aspire to reach one day

Musical Occupation is this blog that is constantly growing and changing. In just a short time we have covered many different aspects of modern reggae music. We are always looking for new music/new ideas so please share with us, contact us, tell us how great we are, or call us out!

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  1. Total respect to you all, glad you're spreading useful and enjoyable news to us - what would we do without you?
    Love the graphics,
    Big Cheers.


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